What makes a commercial property broker great?

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What is it that makes a commercial property broker great at their jobs? I have been asking myself this question since I started managing a team of property brokers. Here is my list of the top activities that enable a broker to succeed


A broker needs to push through lots of resistance and rejection to find a good lead. The broker who can withstand constant rejection and continues to push will make the sale.


A broker who spends a healthy amount of time canvassing will uncover good leads and new stock. The more a broker canvasses their area the better their chances of closing more deals


A broker who takes the time to build relationships with tenants and landlords always win. Investing time and energy building helpful relationships with clients makes you memorable.


A broker who is not afraid of working 12 hour days. If you are not able or willing to work long hours, especially in the beginning, you will never make it! Get used to pushing longer hours, especially in a weak market.


A broker who uses coaching or mentoring to improve themselves is far more likely to improve. A broker needs to have the opportunity to work on personal barriers to work success. after all it is our personal blindspot’s that trip us up the most.

Cold Calling

A broker who gets over the resistance of cold calling is already winning. Much of a brokers work is cold calling new prospective tenants so best get comfortable with cold calling. Make love to the cold call!


A broker who plans their sales activity is 10 times more likely to succeed than a broker who hasn’t. A broker who has failed to plan has planned to fail. Having a clear plan means being intentional about your efforts each day, week, month and year.


A broker who counters poor market conditions with ‘greater levels’ of resilience will win. Brokers who are willing to work twice as hard in a weak market are the ones who will continue to show the numbers.


The speed at which a broker responds to a prospective tenant with the right options is critical in closing deals. Your chances of success usually come down to how quickly and effectively you respond to a lead and service the client.

Ask the right questions

A broker who is able to ask tough or uncomfortable questions during the sales process is key. Brokers who challenge clients with tough questions raise objections earlier. This allows for a broker to know whether time is being wasted on a deal or not.

Personal Development

Brokers who spend time on personal development and personal learning are rising. The time you take to work on your own challenges and poor mindsets makes all the difference to your work result.

Needs Analysis

A commercial property broker who spends time ‘understanding the needs of a client’ is always going to serve clients better than those brokers who take a scattergun approach and hope it works out. A broker who consults thoroughly with a client is more likely to deliver the best options for them.

We would be very surprised to find a broker who is applying all of the above and is not achieving results! Let me know what you think.

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