Do you really need to move your business?

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Does your business really need to move?

It is clear that there are certain trends and changes affecting the commercial office environment. This makes many office environments ‘not fit for purpose’.

Emerging trends

  • Decreasing need for space relative to headcount
  • Repurposing dead space into new and useful spaces which could generate return for clients within their existing lease agreements
  • Repurposing the look and feel of the office environment to rejuvenate and maximize office efficiencies and productivity.
  • Moving into smaller and better designed ‘fit for purpose’ office space

Shiny Rock now offers consultation process to you which provides you with a presentation of creative ideas and solutions.

Thought provoking questions worth asking

  • Do I really need to move my business?
  • How am I going to make use of dead space in my business?
  • Can design and space planning make my business a better place to work?
  • Should I consider sub-leasing or shared office spaces to recoup wasted rental?
  • Should I try to renegotiate a better lease renewal agreement?
  • Have I done a space needs analysis?
  • How much of my current office space is effectively used?
  • Am I stuck where I am because I have immovable investments in my office?

The reality on the ground

Many businesses are sitting with these issues and we would like to help you answer these questions and find.

It is becoming clearly apparent to us here at Shiny Rock that many clients may not need to move to a new office, or cannot do so for specific reasons. In these cases many clients may be stuck with their current office space for some time. We believe that in such cases there are many solutions available to make an existing office space work, rather than trying to find new space. There are many ways to consider this question creatively, which challenges the typical broking model of always trying to help clients move. We see many options to consider when asking the question ‘do we really need to move?’

What we offer our clients

At Shiny Rock we would like to engage you on how to answer the question ‘do we really need to move’ by conducting a turn-key evaluation of your current space needs, and whether or not the option of moving is your only solution, or whether you can apply some smart decision making to how to maximise the current space you are in. Perhaps providing a ‘shared office’ sublease of dead space could be an answer? Or perhaps the implementation of a new design of the building inside and out, or maybe implementing green practices which radically shift your current office space into a leaner and more productive operation?

Then there are many client’s who are stuck where they are, and their office space does not work for them, but they have years left on the lease, or your investment into your office space makes it impossible to leave. These cases also require sound consultation advice in terms of how your current space can be repurposed and optimized.

These are all relevant and growing considerations, which must be entertained before you decide to move. Shiny Rock offers a turnkey consultation process, which helps you to make this call from a solid base.

We have a specialized and experienced team of experts who work on your specific case, and we provide you with options, potential business models, and supporting revenue models.




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