Hiring for mindset over skillset

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In my search for property brokers to join the Shiny Rock team I have noticed something interesting. While I have found suitable candidates who are property brokers I have also made some hires who have no property experience whatsoever but who clearly exhibited the kind of key characteristics I believe are vital in determining success to do the job. I personally don’t think that becoming a property broker, or understanding the requirements for this job are particularly difficult to develop if the person is willing to learn. I have chosen the view that we can teach broking quite successfully, but with these candidates we have to be able to rely on other key characteristics which indicate that they will be capable to fulfil the position. So what are these other key characteristics? 

Key characteristics to look for

  1. Is the candidate self directed able to learn new things?
  2. Is the candidate able to build new relationships with ease, and are they invested in nurturing and growing their professional network?
  3. Does the candidate show learning and growth through their previous work experience?
  4. Does the candidate have experience in outbound sales?
  5. Is the candidate able to ‘step out of their comfort zone’ to achieve new outcomes?
  6. Can the candidate handle regular rejection and how do they handle it?
  7. How resilient is the candidate in the face of failure and poor market conditions?
  8. Is the candidate an ‘out the box thinker’ and do they generate new ideas and ways to problem solve?

What these characteristics show me

If I find someone who ticks these boxes and is willing to take a step into the property game I am open to taking them on. So far I have made three such hires and they are all thriving and closing deals. 

So what is this about?

I can tell when someone shows up with the right mindset. I can align their existing skill set with the requirements of property broking. Too many recruitment strategies get stuck when trying to find people from within the ‘industry’ rather than hiring people who have a great mindset and an adaptable skill set which can be aligned to the role. So long as we provide great on boarding and learning to enable them to get up to speed properly this is a great way to find the right people to do the job.


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