Technology optimises relationships

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Technology is becoming a key driver in maintaining and optimizing the relationship between tenants and landlords. The speed at which problems are solved in this regard directly impacts:

Two vital factors:

  • Retention of tenants based on rewarding good behavior
  • Ensuring a proactive and responsive landlord

Shiny Rock is always on the look out for great technology solutions that enable this kind of mutually beneficial relationship. The ways in which problems are solved using smart technology are much more efficient and directly linked to measurable outcomes. It is much easier to track progress and evaluate responsiveness in the problem solving process.

Today we are highlighting an app produced by Flow. This is a rewards driven app that enables tenants and landlords to be on the same page when it comes to managing all aspects of the tenant experience.

3 key reasons why you should consider this app:

  • Retain key tenants
  • Get rent sooner
  • Attract top tenants

Your awareness and knowledge of the best technology solutions, whether a tenant or a landlord, is going to become a critical success factor in driving your leasing experience more efficiently.

See here for a description of this service at

Shiny Rock Properties brings you the best technology platforms and solutions on the market.

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